L'Arche Kenya Youth Day 2021

CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. and Miss L'Arche Kenya 2021.

Saturday 31st August 2021 started like any other day in Nyahururu: shiny and unexpectedly chilly.  Youth started arriving at effatha home grounds first a trickle and later a deluge.  By the end of the day, four youth had been crowned Miss and Mr, L’Arche Kenya.

We planned the event over a couple of weeks. A few youth, assistants and core members teamed up  to organize the event for the youth by the youth. We named it YOUTH DAY 2021.

The goal of the event is to nominate youth ambassadors to spearhead their peers’ efforts in support of people with intellectual disabilities.  It will also offer them a chance to begin learning leadership skills early.

Some of the activities planned for the day included a spiritual input from Ps. Gitari, life testimony from one of the pioneer volunteers in the outreach programme and sharing of personal experiences by guardians and people living with disability.  The icing on the cake was a fashion show.

All the participants put their best effort in the activities.  We sang, danced, cat walked and wore our fanciest costumes. 

In the end, the following were announced as the first among equals

Miss L’Arche Kenya - Esther Njeri

Mr. L’Arche Kenya – Robert   Kinyanjui

Miss L’Arche Kenya special category – Keziah Wanjiku

Mr. L’Arche Kenya special category – Michael Kariuki

My congratulations to the named individuals.  Kindly be aware that this is only the beginning.  We expect a lot from you. 

In the same breath, I invite all the other youth to rally behind their leaders for mutual betterment of lives of both people with and without disabilities.  Today we have our leaders but tomorrow we will be the ones called upon to lead.

Kudos to the organizers and participants for a wonderful event.  Looking forward to next year’s event

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