Person Centered Plans

Peter’s Diary

The new people-centered plans allow us to concentrate on the individual development of our core-members as the account for their individual goals and dreams.

On a Tuesday in November 2020,  all the talk in L’Arche Kenya centered on dreams.  It was the day that we launched the guiding documents for person-centered plans for all our core-members.  The plans basically document the desires, dreams, and aspirations that persons with intellectual disabilities at L’Arche Kenya have.  It aims to coordinate all our efforts to support our core-members and to achieve their dreams.  If we follow the document faithfully,  it ensures that we do not get bogged down by activities that do not add value to the life journey of our core members.  

Many of the core members are very proud of the document.  I could see how precious it is in the way they handled and jealously guarded it.

As an assistant, my job became clearer.  Every time I plan an activity with a core member, I have to keep asking myself: Does this activity contribute to the ultimate destination of the core member?  If the answer is no, then we cannot continue.

This is the re-beginning of a journey…

  • Destination (dreams and gifts): defined 
  • Fuel: check
  • Rudder: set
  • OFF WE GO!



Peter’s Diary is a collection of articles describing L’Arche Kenya from the eyes of an assistant.  All the articles are real and factual though they relate to different members of the community.

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