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The outreach programme of L'Arche Kenya has visited 61 families who have a member with disabilities to check on their coping with the coronavirus pandemic. The findings showed that there was a big need for action.

The visiting team found that most of the families had little or no knowledge about the virus. The measures introduced by the government were hardly known or implemented. Often the more pressing issue was the struggle to provide for the daily needs as the economic pressure due to the pandemic is increasing.  

Therefore, L'Arche Kenya started a campaign to remedy this situation.

Firstly a public awareness team was formed that toured the small villages around Nyahururu and used the local radios to inform the population of the dangers of the coronavirus and what the appropriate counter-actions are. In this L'Arche Kenya joined forces with St. Martin CSA and the Laikipia County Government. As an immediate sign and contribution, L'Arche Kenya set up several facilities for hand-washing in public places.

Secondly, L'Arche Kenya joined forces with other local organisations and the government of Laikipia County to set up the Laikipia County Emergency Fund for COVID-19, This fund will be used to support poor families that are in distress due to the COVID-19 outbreak, including children with disabilities or people with intellectual disabilities. 

L'Arche Kenya calls on the citizens in and around Nyahruru to support this initiative. 

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