Outreach Programme of L'Arche Kenya started

On April 1 the new Outreach Programme of  L'Arche Kenya commenced its activities. It will offer therapeutic and advisory services to people with disabilities, with a special focus on children with developmental issues.

The Outreach Programme of L'Arche Kenya is not a new initiative. It was known for many years as the Community Programme for People with Disabilities it concentrated its activities on raising awareness for disabilities, on debunking disability-related myths,  on exposing the plights of people with disabilities and to move the community towards being more inclusive and supportive of people with disabilities. Through a network of volunteers and physiotherapists, many hundreds of children with disabilities or physical development issues receive curative and corrective therapy. 

It will continue to do the same in L'Arche Kenya. In fact, L'Arche Kenya was born out of St. Martin's programme: The first core-members of L'Arche were all beneficiaries of CPPD. As the programme was teaching the communities that people with disabilities when receiving the right care and attention can very well lead a decent life and even contribute to the community. With the formation of L'Arche, this teaching was put into practice, as an example for all to see. By reuniting with L'Arhce this intention is reaffirmed.

We welcome the team of the Outreach Programme in the L'Arche Kenya family and are looking forward to work together and learn from each other!



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